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Best Web Hosting Services for SEO in 2023

Best Web Hosting Services for SEO in 2023

Drawing upon my experience as an SEO specialist, I’ve gained a deep understanding of the significant influence that web hosting wields over a website’s success. It can genuinely determine the outcome regarding factors such as speed, uptime, and overall performance.

However, the abundance of hosting choices available can make selecting the right one seem as challenging as searching for a needle in a haystack. To simplify this endeavor, I’ve taken the initiative to thoroughly research and test various hosting providers, ensuring that I identify the best options with SEO-friendly attributes.

Whether you’re in the process of establishing a blog, launching an online store, or simply looking to enhance your website’s search engine rankings, this guide will simplify the landscape of top hosting providers and highlight their distinctive features.

What makes a good SEO web hosting provider?

At first glance, identifying web hosting providers that are truly SEO-friendly can be challenging because most marketing materials tout their SEO quality, and the actual results only become apparent after investing several months in hosting and checking if your site’s ranking improves.

Additionally, it’s important to note that your hosting provider is just one of many factors that Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo consider when determining rankings. Factors like mobile-friendliness, speed, and optimization play a significant role, and issues with a slow-loading theme or plugin can affect speed as much as a subpar hosting service.

Furthermore, the broader realm of SEO involves various components such as link building, keyword research, and more.

Nevertheless, it’s worth emphasizing that selecting a reliable hosting provider is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to enhance their search engine rankings.

Here’s what makes a quality hosting provider for SEO:

  • Performance optimization – Google uses page speed as a ranking factor in both mobile and desktop results, so it’s essential that your site loads fast.
  • Reliable uptime – making sure your site is always available ensures that search engines never encounter error pages.
  • Free SSL certificate – using HTTPS is a positive ranking signal. To enable HTTPS, you need to use an SSL certificate.
  • Efficient hosting types – The best SEO hosts offer managed, VPS, cloud, and private server hosting. Shared hosting can work in a pinch, but only if the host implements it well.
  • Server locations and upkeep – Top-notch hosts for SEO use server networks in various locations, secure data centers, and updated equipment.
  • Customer support – Although quality customer support doesn’t rank your site higher on a search engine, it does show that the company is reliable. And they are more likely to help you with performance and SEO.

Best SEO Web Hosting Service Providers in 2023

Now let us have a look at the best SEO web hosting service providers in 2023. All the web hosting providers listed below are reliable, fast, secure, and robust.

Kinsta (kinsta.com)

kinsta hosting

Kinsta offers top-tier managed WordPress hosting, sparing you from the typical backend maintenance tasks associated with hosting. With robust security measures, swift performance across all plans, and daily backups, you can rest assured that your website is well-protected and optimized for SEO.

Major Features

  • Uptime Assurance: Kinsta assures server uptime and provides a dedicated Status Page for monitoring server status. Users can opt to receive updates. Most data centers and Kinsta dashboards maintain an uptime ranging from 99.96% to 100%.
  • Hosting Options: Kinsta offers rapid, secure, and managed WordPress hosting built on the highly dependable Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • SSL Inclusions: You are provided with a complimentary SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt.
  • Server Locations: For enhanced global performance, you receive a free content delivery network (CDN). Kinsta boasts 23 data center locations worldwide, including places like Iowa, London, Jurong West, Hamina, and more. Incident reports are transparently available on the website, showcasing the efficient operation of these data centers.
  • Customer Support: Kinsta’s support team is known for its responsiveness and offers multiple communication channels, including email, online chat, social media, and a comprehensive resource center.

Pricing Plan (Monthly)

  • Starter – $30
  • Pro – $60
  • Business 1 – $100
  • Business 2 – $200
  • Business 3 – $300

SiteGround (siteground.com)

SiteGround Hosting

For individuals embarking on the journey of launching and expanding an online business, the requirements for small business web hosting will be more intricate compared to those of an occasional blogger.

Your hosting solution should be capable of offering abundant resources to support rich media elements such as product images and videos, in addition to robust SEO features. In the realm of hosting providers, one name that frequently stands out as a top choice for e-commerce platforms is Siteground.

Prominent Features

  • Uptime Assurance: A 99.99% uptime guarantee is provided.
  • Hosting Options: SiteGround offers a range of hosting types, including cost-effective shared hosting, high-performance cloud hosting, and specialized hosting tailored for specific eCommerce and site builder platforms. All these plans are powered by Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • SSL Inclusions: Every plan includes a complimentary SSL certificate.
  • Server Locations: Servers are strategically situated in the US, UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia to ensure reliable and efficient service.
  • Customer Support: Customer support can be accessed via phone, email, chat, and social media channels. SiteGround also maintains a comprehensive online resource center.

Pricing Plan (Monthly)

SiteGround shared hosting has been known to perform well for SEO, so we’ll use it as an exception to our view on cheaper shared hosting.

Shared Hosting

  • StartUp – $11.95
  • GrowBig – $19.95
  • GoGeek – $34.95

Cloud Hosting

  • Entry – $80
  • Business – $120

FastComet (fastcomet.com)

fastcomet hosting

Many hosting providers do not primarily cater to the needs of small businesses, but FastComet is specifically dedicated to serving startups, small businesses, and freelancers. With their speedy servers, a content delivery network (CDN), and top-quality equipment, you can be confident that you’re making the right choice for your SEO needs.

Major Features

  • Uptime Assurance: FastComet guarantees a 99.9% uptime and is fully transparent about any downtimes.
  • Hosting Options: FastComet provides various hosting types, including shared hosting (less ideal for SEO), cloud VPS, dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, and specialized eCommerce hosting.
  • SSL Inclusions: Free SSL certificates are included with all plans.
  • Server Locations: You have the option to select from 11 highly secure data centers located in the US, Australia, Europe, India, Japan, Canada, and Singapore.
  • Customer Support: Their dependable support team can be reached via live chat, phone, or email. FastComet offers an excellent tutorial page and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Pricing Plans (Monthly)

Shared Hosting

  • FastCloud – $9.95
  • FastCloud Plus – $14.95
  • FastCloud Extra – $19.95

Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Cloud 1 – $59.95
  • Cloud 2 – $69.95
  • Cloud 3 – $89.95
  • Cloud 4 – $139.95

Dedicated Servers

  • DS 1 – $139
  • DS 2 – $169
  • DS 3 – $229
  • DS 4 – $349

A2 Hosting (a2hosting.com)

a2 hosting

A2 Hosting combines speed and quality pricing, with a wide variety of hosting options and a great support team.

Major Features

  • Uptime Assurance: A2 Hosting commits to a 99.9% uptime.
  • Hosting Options: A2 Hosting offers a range of hosting types, including shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.
  • SSL Inclusions: All plans come with a complimentary SSL certificate.
  • Server Locations: You can select from four data centers located in Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, and Singapore.
  • Customer Support: A2 Hosting is renowned for its knowledgeable representatives. You can get in touch with their support team via email and social media. They also maintain a comprehensive knowledge base for self-help resources.

Pricing Plan (Monthly)

Shared Hosting

  • Startup – $8.99
  • Drive – $11.99
  • Turbo Boost – $19.99
  • Turbo Max – $24.99

VPS Hosting

  • Power+ – $49
  • Prestige – $69.99
  • Pinnacle+ – $99.99

Dedicated Servers

  • Sprint – $119.99
  • Exceed – $199.99
  • Mach – $248.99

Flywheel (getflywheel.com)


Flywheel is well-known for offering one of the most aesthetically pleasing hosting dashboards in the industry, and they do so at budget-friendly rates for managed WordPress hosting that is conducive to SEO.

Major Features

  • Uptime Assurance: Flywheel maintains a Status page with the option to subscribe to server updates, and their uptime has been consistently tracked at 99.97%.
  • Hosting Options: Flywheel specializes in managed WordPress hosting on the Google Cloud Platform, coupled with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for enhanced performance.
  • SSL Inclusions: They offer free SSL certificates with their hosting plans.
  • Server Locations: You can select from five well-maintained data centers located in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia.
  • Customer Support: Flywheel provides an extensive online help center and offers support through email, phone, and live chat for your convenience.

Pricing Plan (Monthly)

  • Tiny – $15
  • Starter – $30
  • Freelance – $115
  • Agency – $290

In Conclusion, Which is the best SEO web hosting provider?

When it comes to choosing the best SEO web hosting provider for your specific requirements, both Kinsta and SiteGround are solid options. Here’s a brief guide on where each shines:

  • Kinsta: Opt for Kinsta if you’re managing a WordPress site and prioritize top-tier page load speeds and unwavering reliability. It’s an ideal choice if you can allocate a budget of $30 or more per month for a single site.
  • SiteGround: Select SiteGround if you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, particularly when hosting multiple websites. It’s versatile enough to host various content management systems (including WordPress) and offers affordability without compromising quality.
Best Web Hosting for Visual Artists in 2023

Best Web Hosting for Visual Artists in 2023

The challenges faced by visual artists who are struggling have been a longstanding issue, but top web hosting services for visual artists aim to challenge this stereotype. These hosting providers and website builders are making it possible for painters, photographers, sculptors, and other visual artists to efficiently and conveniently display their work online, allowing them to sidestep traditional galleries on their path to achieving success.

Whether you choose a website builder and template or prefer a DIY web hosting plan, these platforms include the necessary gallery space and shopping carts to display and sell your art without incurring high costs or dealing with complex technology setups.

While not every artist can secure a spot at prestigious institutions like the Met or the Guggenheim, countless artists are gaining recognition (and sometimes financial success) by showcasing their work on the Internet. Establishing an online presence has become indispensable for contemporary artists, and in the following section, we will explore the leading hosting services in the industry that can assist artists of all kinds in connecting with modern art enthusiasts through digital means.

Best Web Hosting for Visual Artists in 2023

Let’s discuss the highly affordable, reliable, and overall best web hosting services for visual artists in 2023.




Features           Free SSL, domain, domain privacy, and daily backups
Uptime             >99.99%
Speed               231ms
Best for Highly inclusive and secure hosting for art websites looking to monetize

DreamHost stands as one of the titans in the industry, with its cost-effective pricing, dedicated focus on WordPress, and comprehensive plans, all contributing to its widespread appeal. These qualities undoubtedly position it as one of the top choices for web hosting providers that cater to artists.

So what do you get with DreamHost?

  • The provider two extremely budget-friendly shared hosting plans that offer an abundance of resources, including storage and bandwidth, as well as a range of useful tools like a free domain, SSL certificates, and automated backups. This level of inclusivity, particularly considering the cost, is impressive.
  • DreamHost further simplifies website management with its user-friendly and easily navigable control panel, ensuring a hassle-free experience when running your website.
    When it comes to reliability, DreamHost takes this aspect seriously and even provides a 100% uptime guarantee, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring your website is consistently accessible.
  • Additionally, the provider takes a comprehensive approach to security by offering a variety of free security measures. This includes tools such as domain privacy, a Web Application Firewall, and automated backups, all of which work together to safeguard your website against common online threats.

In conclusion, DreamHost offers a highly cost-effective and exceptionally reliable hosting service. However, it’s worth noting that the provider has a limitation in its customer support, as it lacks a 24/7 live chat option.

With DreamHost, there are two options available: the Starter plan priced at $2.59 per month and the Unlimited plan at $3.95 per month. Despite their differences, both plans come with valuable features like a free domain, SSL certificates, unlimited traffic, and pre-installed WordPress, making them attractive choices for website hosting.



Features           Free SSL, hPanel, and speed-oriented tools
Uptime            100%
Speed              511ms
Best for A budget-friendly, high-quality hosting for small-to-medium art websites

Hostinger stands out as the most budget-friendly hosting solution available in the market. However, don’t be misled by its low prices because Hostinger doesn’t compromise on reliability. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive services position it as one of the top web hosting options for artists.

But what really makes Hostinger such a suitable candidate?

  • Hostinger offers a highly intuitive hosting experience with its proprietary hosting management panel, hPanel. This well-organized and user-friendly interface ensures that you won’t need to invest a lot of time figuring out how it works.
  • In terms of performance, Hostinger is among the fastest hosting providers available. Thanks to its use of the latest hardware and software, you can trust in reliable and speedy performance. Additionally, Hostinger offers a wide array of server locations, including the UK, Lithuania, France, the Netherlands, the US, Singapore, India, and Brazil, giving you the flexibility to choose a server location that suits your needs.
  • Customer support at Hostinger is top-notch, with knowledgeable and skilled operators who can assist you in case anything goes wrong. You can always rely on their support when needed.
  • Lastly, Hostinger stands out with its extremely competitive pricing for shared hosting, offering some of the lowest prices in the market.

In a nutshell, Hostinger comes at a price that’s not much more than a cup of coffee, yet it doesn’t compromise on quality. Its services are dependable, and the user-friendly hPanel ensures a hassle-free experience.

Regarding the hosting plans, Hostinger offers three choices, with prices ranging from $2.69 per month to $8.99 per month.



Features           Free SSL, domain, staging, Google Ads, and native panel with cPanel
Uptime             99.99%
Speed               361ms
Best for Beginner-oriented hosting for smaller art websites or portfolios

Bluehost is a widely acclaimed web hosting provider, known for its user-friendliness. However, it offers more than just simplicity; it provides a range of features, including staging and Google Ads credits, which can elevate your website hosting experience and turn it into a work of art (pun not intended.)

So, why is Bluehost an excellent choice for artists?

  • First and foremost, it’s designed to ensure a seamless experience. Thanks to its intuitive custom dashboard, you can quickly create a functional website, with the entire setup process taking no longer than 5 minutes. Bluehost even takes care of WordPress installation for you automatically, although you have the freedom to choose a different content management system if you prefer.
  • If you’re interested in promoting your website, all plans include $150 in Google Ads credits, allowing you to set up advertising campaigns right from the Bluehost management panel without any hassle.
  • Bluehost’s staging feature is another valuable asset. It enables you to experiment with your website without affecting the live version. This means you can refine the design, alter the site’s layout, or edit existing content. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, you can effortlessly push the final product for the world to see.

In summary, Bluehost is a practical solution for web hosting among artists. It offers reliable services, user-friendliness, and additional features that greatly contribute to building a robust online presence.

Now, regarding the hosting plans, Bluehost provides four options with prices ranging from $2.75 per month to $13.95 per month.


SiteGround Hosting

Features        Free SSL, daily backups, caching, staging, and native user management interface
Uptime          99.99%
Speed            217ms
Best for Premium, speedy, and reliable hosting for larger art websites

SiteGround is a top-tier hosting provider known for its remarkable speed, user-friendliness, and a plethora of extra features, including enhanced security and staging capabilities. The provider also places a strong emphasis on WordPress. If WordPress is your preferred content management system, SiteGround offers high-quality web hosting tailored to your needs.

Even though SiteGround may be the priciest option on this list, it’s well worth the investment. Here’s why it’s an excellent choice for your art website:

  • SiteGround is renowned for its performance-oriented approach. The provider exclusively employs the latest and most reliable hardware and software solutions. This includes the use of the newest PHP versions, preconfigured caching, and the Google Cloud server infrastructure, ensuring top-tier performance.
  • While SiteGround supports various content management systems, it places special emphasis on WordPress. With features like preinstalled and customizable caching, automated updates, and staging, SiteGround helps you make the most of your WordPress website.
  • Security is another area where SiteGround excels. It doesn’t just offer basic tools like SSL certificates and automatic backups but also advanced security measures such as real-time monitoring, a web application firewall, and an AI-powered anti-bot system. This robust security setup ensures that common threats won’t be a concern, particularly if you plan to monetize your website.
  • Lastly, SiteGround’s native user management interface is highly user-friendly and can be customized to provide quicker access to frequently used settings.

In summary, while SiteGround is positioned at a premium price point, it provides dependable, secure, and easily manageable hosting services.

Now, looking at the provider’s plans and pricing, SiteGround offers three plans priced between $2.99 per month and $7.99 per month.



Features           Free domain, website builder, and cPanel
Uptime             99.98%
Speed               341ms
Best for Portfolio sites or smaller art website hosting

GoDaddy is an excellent choice for web hosting tailored to artists’ needs. While the provider primarily caters to businesses, its generous storage and solid performance make it well-suited for powering a professional-looking art website.

So, what are the key reasons to consider GoDaddy for your art site?

  • GoDaddy offers a combination of a user-friendly native management panel and the popular cPanel for site setup and management. The intuitive dashboard makes it a straightforward experience. However, if you prefer working with cPanel, that option is also available.
  • GoDaddy makes it easy for beginners with a one-click WordPress installation, and it even provides WordPress starter templates for a swift website setup.
  • If you’ve never built a website before or find the multitude of themes and templates on WordPress overwhelming, GoDaddy offers a free, high-quality website builder. You’ll discover 20 modern-looking templates that you can easily customize to your liking.
  • Additionally, you can set specific goals for your website, whether it’s gaining visibility, starting an online store, or managing bookings. The website builder provides suggestions to help you achieve your objectives effectively.
  • Another noteworthy feature is that all GoDaddy plans include a free domain, alleviating one less concern.

Overall, GoDaddy has rightfully earned its place as one of the top web hosting services for artists, thanks to its user-friendly interface and reliable services. However, it’s essential to note that while GoDaddy excels in many aspects, it does fall short when it comes to comprehensive security measures.

As for the hosting plans, GoDaddy provides three options with prices starting at $2.99 per month and going up to $14.99 per month.

What to consider when choosing the best web hosting for visual artists?

When selecting the optimal web hosting solution for visual artists, several factors warrant your consideration. Therefore, I’ve put together a concise, step-by-step guide to assist you in making an informed choice.

Step 1: choose the type of hosting

Your first decision in choosing a web hosting service involves selecting the type of hosting that best fits your needs and the size of your website. There are three primary options available:

  • Shared hosting, as the name suggests, involves sharing server resources with other websites. It is the most budget-friendly and easiest-to-manage option of the three. This is often preferred by beginners and owners of small-to-medium-sized sites, and it is likely sufficient for your art website as well.
  • VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a more advanced option compared to shared hosting. With VPS, you receive a dedicated “slice” of server resources exclusively for your use. This type of hosting is better suited for websites anticipating significant traffic or those that have outgrown shared hosting. Keep in mind that VPS is more expensive and less beginner-friendly than shared hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting entails having an entire physical server exclusively at your disposal. As an artist, the only scenario in which you might need dedicated hosting is if you attain worldwide fame and require maximum power and performance – a scenario I hope you achieve. This type of hosting is costly and demands a high level of technical expertise to manage effectively.

In summary, if you’re new to web hosting, shared hosting is the most suitable option for you. However, if your website anticipates substantial traffic, VPS hosting may be a better choice. In any case, dedicated hosting is too expensive and technically advanced for beginners.

Step 2: evaluate what resources you’ll require

There is undoubtedly a direct relationship between the price of a hosting plan and the resources it offers – generally, the more you pay, the more you receive. However, it’s crucial to recognize that price is not the sole determining factor when selecting a plan. Equally important is ensuring you obtain what you’ll actually use and avoiding over-restricting yourself. Therefore, it’s essential to assess your specific requirements:

  • Number of Websites: As an artist, you will likely need just one website. Most entry-level plans should suffice for your needs in this regard.
  • Storage Needs: Your storage requirements depend on the design elements and the volume of content you plan to have on your website. The more intricate the website’s design and the heavier the image files, the more storage you’ll require. If you’re a photographer, you may want to consider hosting providers recommended for photographers, as they often offer more generous storage options.
  • Bandwidth Usage: Bandwidth indicates how much data can be transferred within a particular period, typically a month. Higher-traffic websites demand more bandwidth. You can estimate your required bandwidth by multiplying the expected number of visitors, your website’s size in gigabytes, and the number of pages on your site. To get a monthly bandwidth estimate, multiply the result by 30.
  • Additional Features: Consider any extras you might need. If you plan to monetize your site, you may require extra security features like DDoS protection, automated backups, or server monitoring. Alternatively, if you anticipate frequent website changes, a staging feature might be beneficial. Check if the hosting plan includes the features you need.

Before jumping to the most popular or expensive plan, take a moment to reflect on your individual needs. Avoid over-limiting yourself, but also ensure you don’t end up purchasing resources you won’t actually use. Tailoring your hosting plan to your precise requirements is a wise approach.

Step 3: make sure the performance is up to speed

You’ve identified your ideal hosting provider without breaking the bank – that’s a great start. However, there’s one more crucial aspect to consider: performance. To ensure your website ranks well on search engines and keeps your visitors satisfied, it’s essential to assess the provider’s uptime, response time, and fully loaded time.

  • Uptime: Uptime reflects how often your website is accessible in a month. While 100% uptime is the ideal scenario, occasional downtime is inevitable due to various factors, including server maintenance. As long as the uptime is higher than 99.95%, there’s no need to be overly concerned.
  • Response Time: Response time measures how quickly a server reacts and begins loading a website. For an optimal visitor experience, you should aim for an average response time of no more than 600 milliseconds. If the provider’s response time approaches or exceeds 1 second, it’s a signal to consider alternatives.
  • Fully Loaded Time: This is the duration it takes for your website to fully load, enabling visitors to interact with it seamlessly. To minimize bounce rates and enhance your site’s chances of ranking higher in search engine results, strive for a fully loaded time of no more than 3 seconds.

In summary, website performance plays a significant role in your site’s success. When your site loads quickly and is consistently accessible, it’s more likely to retain visitors, receive positive engagement, and encourage return visits.