How to Add Infinite Scroll to WooCommerce

How to Add Infinite Scroll to WooCommerce?

Desire to create an infinite scroll for your WooCommerce store but don’t know how to do it!

Don’t worry!

We are here to help you. In this post, we will guide you on how to add an infinite scroll for your online store via a plugin. Also, let’s have a look at the 4 best plugins for adding infinite scroll for your WooCommerce store!

Benefits of Adding Infinite Scrolling

  • Keep visitors engaged: by allowing visitors to scroll with no limits, you can keep users more engaged on your site since they need to scroll down to see new content. More than that, no pages on your site mean that your visitors don’t have to move to the next page to see new content and wait to refresh the site.
  • Show visitors more content: with the infinite scrolling feature, customers will instantly scroll down to see the content without paying too much attention to it. Meanwhile, if you use the pages on your site, people tend to give up after several pages. Hence, to display to customers more suitable content, infinite scroll is an intelligent idea. Suit to mobile users: People will easily scroll down with the touchscreen on mobile phones. So by equipping your store with the infinite scrolling feature, you will significantly enhance your customer experience via mobile phone.
  • Provide a great spot for advertising: Infinite scrolling enables more places to set advertisements without worrying about breaking the flow of pages. So you can both provide customers with a seamless shopping experience and place ads in multiple places on their journey.

How to Add an Infinite Scroll in WooCommerce?

Step 1: Install & activate the plugin

Download the plugin named WooCommerce Pagination & Infinite Scroll to your device.

Log in to your WordPress account and navigate to the dashboard. There, go to Plugins, and select Add New. In Add New, click on the Upload button and upload the zip file you have just downloaded.

When the installation process is finished, click on the Activate button on the screen, and you can start using this plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Step 2: Open WooCommerce Pagination Plugin

In the WP admin panel, go to WooCommerce > Settings and click the Woo Pagination tab. You will find extension settings, including General, Back-to-top, and Show Less button settings.

Step 3: Infinite Scroll Settings

You will see the following settings if you select Infinite Scroll as the product loading type.

  • Choose the number of products to load or display initially: Enter the number of products you want to display when the page loads.
  • Upload loading icon: Enable the checkbox to upload the product loading icon.
  • Product loading icon: Select the product loading icon from the default icons.
  • Choose the number of products after which the footer will show, and you can load more if you want: Enter the number of products after which the website footer will be shown, and you can load more.

Best plugins for Adding an Infinite Scroll in WooCommerce

Ajax Pagination & Infinite Scroll

Enhance your website’s catalog browsing experience with the versatile WooCommerce pagination plugin, which offers three distinct options for seamless navigation:

  • Infinite Scroll: Effortlessly load more products as customers scroll down the page, providing a continuous browsing experience without interruptions.
  • Ajax Pagination: Enable Ajax pagination to load additional products without the need for page reloads, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted browsing flow.
  • Load More Button: Integrate an Ajax-based Load More button, allowing customers to load more products with a single click, eliminating the need to refresh pages.

Upgrade your site by replacing your current pagination with these user-friendly options – WooCommerce pagination, infinite scroll, or load more buttons. Say goodbye to page reloads as customers navigate through the product catalog. Enhance user convenience with additional features such as ‘back-to-top’ and ‘show less’ buttons, facilitating easy scrolling back to the top.

Ajax Infinite Scroll

The second extension in this list is a product developed by KoalaApps named Ajax Infinite Scroll. In this plugin, users are offered three scrolling methods: infinite scrolling, Ajax pagination, and load more. More than that, users are allowed to selectively activate or deactivate scroll for mobile devices, so merchants will easily edit store features for their mobile phone visitors. Hence, merchants can easily add infinite scrolling features to improve the user experience.

  • Offer three types of site scrolling
  • Change loader icon
  • Customize load more button text, background color, and text color
  • Deactivate the scrolling feature for mobile devices

YITH Infinite Scrolling

YITH Infinite Scrolling is a mighty tool for WooCommerce store owners to set the infinite scrolling feature for their shops simply. With it, people are allowed to create infinite scrolls for multiple sections such as shop, blog, comment, review, and testimonials. More than that, this plugin offers users two other options for event type which are Load More Button and Ajax Pagination. Hence, they can easily change the event type whenever an infinite scroll becomes unsuitable.

  • Enable infinite scrolling on multiple pages with no limit
  • Customize the loader easily
  • Offer three event types
  • Provide 7 options for loading effect
  • Update page URL automatically

WooCommerce Load More Products Plugin – Infinite Scrolling

To empower visitors to scroll from the top to the bottom of your site without moving to the next page, you can make use of the plugin WooCommerce Load More Products Plugin – Infinite Scrolling. As the name suggests, this extension allows users to set an infinite scrolling feature for paginating on your shop page. So when people scroll down, the products will be automatically displayed to them. Besides infinite scrolling, users can change to other pagination options like the load more button and Ajax pagination.

  • Offer three types of load products on the shop page
  • Display more products automatically
  • Customize load more button
  • Offer multiple types of animations

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, with only four steps, anyone can add an infinite scroll to your WooCommerce store. Also, if you want to look for a plugin to enable customers to scroll until there is no product left, we recommend you look through the four plugins above.

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